• 1.08.2011

WARPOL.INFO has started the roll-out project of 2600 fiscal printers in REAL retail chain stores in Poland.

Currently used printers INNOVA 4610-GG5 will be replaced by the new fiscal printers POSNET 4610-1NR FV EJ.


It makes POSNET 4610-1NR FV EJ a sales leader of modern, EJ - fiscal printers.


  • 15.07.2011

Polish Ministry of Finance has issued the certification for the new fiscal printer POSNET 4610-1NR FV EJ.

The new printer is equipped in the newest and most reliable and fast printing engine IBM 4610-1NR as well as built-in "Electronic Journal" module and the ability of VAT invoices issuing and printing.

The new printer offers also a variety of predefined graphic forms enabling the sale of pre-paid cards and lottery coupons.

  • 15.07.2010

The delivery and roll-out of 1500 fiscal printers INNOVA DF-1 in LIDL Poland has been finished!

The modern, extremally efficient printing engine (IBM 4610-TF6) results with the aignificant cashier's work improvement.

  •  1.04.2010

LIDL Poland has chosen INNOVA DF-1 EJ printer as the new solution which will replace the old ND-77 printers.


  • 10.12.2009

We have a great pleasure to inform you fiscal printer INNOVA DF-1 equipped with electronic journal has got a certification of Ministry of Finance and has got a permission to use.
WARPOL.INFO together with INNOVA SA has started production of the first order.

  • 20.04.2007

Warpol.Info has finished the delivery and configuration of 1300 IBM Innova 4610 fiscal printers for 28 Real Polska hypermarkets.

  • 10.04.2007

Miroglio Italy owner of Motivi stores, decided to install IBM Innova 4610 in all new polish Motivi location.

  • 06.03.2007

 International fashion retailer Mexx has chosen IBM Innova 4610 fiscal printer as a final fiscal solution in all Mexx Poland stores.

  • 15.12.2006

 Real Polska has decided to exchange all fiscal printers working in their stores with IBM Innova 4610 fiscal printers. Pilot installation took place in two hypermarkets.

  • 14.11.2006

 Warpol.Info has completed delivery and installation of over 1000 IBM Innova 4610 fiscal printers for new Real Polska's hypermarkets.

  • 15.09.2006

 Warpol.Info has delivered and installed in Geant Polska hypermarkets, first on polish market batch of IBM Innova 4610 fiscal printers.

  • 28.08.2006

Ministry of Finance recognize IBM Innova 4610 fiscal printer as a device compliant with criteria and technical conditions which must by fulfilled by fiscal cash registers.